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Drag Queens, Cinderella, & Younger Men.

The things I do for my Chronic Fatigue- sheesh! So yesterday morning I started out at the Sleep Study doctor. He politely stuck a tube in my nose….wayyyy in my nose. Ow and ick. He then sent me away with this crazy contraption that I had to sleep with- fun. He set it to start at 11:15pm. I had to have it on my bod by then or it wouldn’t work. Dun Dun Dun.

The next part of my day was work- nothing crazy. But after work I joined my coworkers for dinner at a crazy drag queen restaurant. Of course I knew I had to be home by 10:30…to get the contraption on and get to bed! So, amazingly I felt “normal” at the drag restaurant- I had a lovely time! No tits in my face, thankfully. But like Cinderella I had to leave early in order to jump into bed! I, pathetically, was the first person to leave, and I booked my ass to the subway, starting to stress. Tick, tick, tick.

I got home in time- whew! I didn’t turn into a pumpkin! Well, I mean I strapped myself into this crazy contraption. And of course I slept horribly! Ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like someone’s in the room with you? It was one of those nights and I had a near panic attack at 4am. Fun!

So the results of this fabulous test! I don’t have sleep apnea! Yea….I kinda knew that. And even though I felt like I slept like crap, the doc said I slept pretty solid. I guess I’ll check off “sleep study” from my Chronic Fatigue checklist.

And my date with the 27 year old was sweet! I think he’s coming over this weekend- gulp. What am I getting myself into? I don’t think I will make a very exciting girlfriend these days….and I’m actually pretty busy… being healthy. But as Bernie Siegel says “We’ll see”.

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  1. That picture is too much. Too funny dude. Congrats on not having sleep apnea!

  2. Such fun. I’ve already crossed that one off my list.

    No actually not really. This is the internet if I’m going to come clean it should be here.

    I didn’t do the test but am pretending that I have done it.

    People: have you been checked out for sleep apnea that can cause fatigue.
    Me: yes, yes, all fine, (it’s more than just fatigue, (screamed silently in head))

    It’s handy to know what’s actually involved in case anyone asks for more detail.

    Thanks. :)

    • This was like a easy sleep test cause it wasn’t in a lab. I think most are in a lab….It would have been interesting to learn about my REM sleep cycle…but oh well!

      Yes, fatigue isn’t the only CFS symptom we get :( It’s my main one…but I’ve had aches and lovely canker sores…fun fun!


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