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Thyroid I’d Like You To Know

This is going to be a short but sweet post. Cause I want to read, relax and go to sleep! It’s November 9th. My last post about my Thyroid meds was October 14th. Since Oct 14th, I’ve gone a little Thyroid crazy. I read a book. Searched the internet like a crazy woman. Not only am I a CFS expert, I am now a Thyroid expert. About three and a half weeks ago I decided to double my Cytomel from 10mcg to 20mcg. And no I did not ask Dr. D. I just did it. And how am I doing today? Good! GOOD! I have not been feeling like I’ve been dying anymore. I mean I’m not going out dancing and running miles but I have been feeling…NORMAL. Is it the Thyroid meds? Is it because 10 months have past since I crashed? Is it one of my 15 supplements? I don’t know. But I’m ganna keep taking these Thyroid meds! In the past my crashes were a lot shorter- 2 to 3 months. Was it my Thyroid then? So many questions. In my insane amount of reading I read that someone can have normal Thyroid labs for years and still feel like crap and then one day the labs may read wacky…. So that’s it for now. I just wanted you to know that things are good.

Here’s a Little Bird Awake teaser for what’s to come:
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