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I have a girlfriend from California that had CFS and recovered. I’ve written a lot about her on this blog. She recently had a health scare that landed her in a wheel chair for a month. I was shocked when she told me. I said to her- that must have been horrible and scary! Her reply to me was eye opening. She said it was bad but she never believed that the situation would be permanent. She new whole heartedly that she wouldn’t be in that wheel chair forever.

For me, with Chronic Fatigue, I get totally stuck in my head- When will this end? This keeps happening! How do I live like this? The mind is such a big part of healing. I have to remind myself that. I amazingly have been feeling pretty good with my energy! My eyelids aren’t heavy and I’m not in a constant daze! But I now have this mysterious pain in my body and yes it’s making me insane! My anxiety over it is out of control. But then I stop, breathe, and pull myself back together. I wasn’t born with this pain. My body can and will heal itself. But it starts with staying calm!

I’m reading the book Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin. She writes about how healing is not going to happen in an overly stressed out body with flight or flight hormones flying around. She writes about the placebo affect and why it happens. Why people who see famous healers get healed. She believes it’s because we believe in this drug (really placebo) or we have total faith in a certain healer. It’s us! It’s our mind! It’s fascinating!

Believe in something: God, angels, the universe, nature. Believe that nothing is permanent. Believe that you can heal. I’ve been trying to focus on the positive. When you follow the positive path you open yourself up to new people, amazing experiences and renewed mind/body health.


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  1. Yes yes yes!! I’ve got so much to say on this little bird as my understanding of CFS has expanded hugely recently on my journey with my 2 kids. I’m recovering from a nasty bout of gastro at the moment & can’t think clearly but will write again. Good luck & embrace these thoughts. ( yes your symptoms are real & physical but are most likely due to a beautiful sensitivity of your biological/genetic make up (that makes you the lovely person you are) & an emotional intelligence that you can learn to use to mend your body.) Sorry if sounds gobbedly gook.

  2. Wow! What a positive outlook! I will have to check out this book. Thanks for the positive inspiration. Sorry you are dealing with cfs as well.

  3. Reblogged this on hungryitaliangirl and commented:
    Connected with a new blogger. Was inspired with her positive outlook. This condition can be so discouraging at times it helps to read such positive words!


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